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The Perfect Gift for Mom

Are you trying to find a gift for a mom who has everything? Or maybe you’re trying to find a gift for a fun mom, with a stand-up comedy sense of humor. Or, maybe she’s just a worn-out mom who could use a good chuckle. Finding gift ideas for women, especially when it's your mother (and you have siblings to out-do), is a nearly impossible task. If she’s Super-Mom, perhaps she’s a tad short on patience at times and just needs to know that she’s not alone.

It doesn’t matter which type of mom you’re purchasing a gift for, wishing "Happy Mother's Day" or “happy birthday, mom” with a cool and funky concept will be appreciated above all else. Funny Parent Gifts specializes in humorous and unique gifts that will hit just the right quirky nerve for that special mom in your life.

Picture this:  It’s Christmas morning and you’re opening gifts. Dad got another tie. Junior got the latest video game. Grandpa got a new weed whacker. Or maybe it’s Mother’s Day and Mom has received yet another bouquet of flowers. Or maybe it’s Mom’s birthday and she has received mostly gift cards, because no one knows what she really needs or wants.

It’s up to you to be stand out from the crowd to let Mom know how much you love her with a gift unlike any of the others. So, what does Mom get from you?

How about a pretty matte pink flask and shot glasses gift box set with “Mama Juice” engraved on the flask? Great moms need a night on the town every once in a while! Or a “Mother of Dragons” large tote bag to carry her work-out clothes? Mothers of dragons have to stay fit! Or a “Go Ask Your Dad” or Frida Kahlo sleep mask with matching decorative ear plugs so that Mom can get her uninterrupted beauty sleep? What about a “Trophy Wife, Trophy Mom” t-shirt from Hubby, so that she knows how awesome she is, combined with a “Mom’s Badass Home Cooking” apron to let the world know who wields the spatula in the house like a swashbuckler?

For daughters who want to let their moms know that they understand how stressful it has been raising them, how about a Drama Queen Daughter Dammit Doll? And for those who want to poke a little fun at the other family members while giving mom an extra chuckle, get the whole Dammit Doll family.

Whichever gift you decide to go with, if it’s from Funny Parent Gifts for Mom, it’s going to be a hit and Mom will love it. And you will feel proud of yourself for getting her something unique and thoughtful. (Plus, your siblings will be soooooo jealous.)

Whether the event is Mother’s Day, Christmas, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or her birthday, or just because the Super Mom in your life awesome and you want to reward her for her hard work and dedication, our humorous mom gifts will delight her and give her just the laugh she needs and will appreciate.

And if you can’t decide? It we offer gift cards as well!


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Unique and Humorous Gifts Parents Would Love to Have

Gift shopping can be quite tricky, especially when you’re buying for parents who already have everything they need. Asking what they would like for their birthday or anniversary, or for input on Mother’s Day ideas, totally destroys the element of surprise. Besides, if you do ask and get an answer, chances are that it won’t be that helpful. You’ll get something like, “Don’t bring gifts, just come home,” or “Call us more.”

But you’re not falling for any of that!

Here is a short guide to buying the perfect gift for your parents, whether Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is coming up, or a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, or you just want to be a good son, daughter, or spouse.

Buying a Christmas Gift for a New Mom or New Dad

Why do Babies Get All the Gifts?

Sure, the new baby is all stocked up with everything that a newborn could possibly need, but what about Christmas presents for the new mom or dad? Diapers are always appreciated by parents, but they don’t really last and babies don’t treat them particularly well. The baby shower usually handles most of the baby’s major needs, like car seats and cribs. What about making sure that this Christmas, parents with babies, either on the way or newly arrived, feel the love as well?

Don’t Be That Person

When considering Christmas gift ideas, don’t be that person who only thinks about the baby’s needs. Or the friend who thinks that the loudest baby toys are the funniest baby toys. That death glare delivered by the new parent after they open your gift? That’s real. They’re not amused.

Make your gift to the new, happy parents stand out, be appreciated, and be remembered!

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Being a parent is stressful enough. If you throw in all the gift-buying, food-making, and activity-attending that comes with the holiday season, you’re just doubling down on all the insanity that is your life. On the bright side, we can help you to find some really funny gifts for parents if you need to shop for someone who has young kids. As the Christmas season approaches, or birthdays and baby showers pop up during the rest of the year, keep it light and add a little humor to brighten any parent’s day.

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Cell phones did not exist when I was growing up, and video games were in their infancy. When I remind my kids of this, in a vain attempt to encourage them to disconnect from the digital world, I’m usually met with snarky comments such as, “How did you alert each other of approaching dinosaurs? With smoke signals?” Or, “Did you manage to score a cabin with a private patio for your voyage on the Mayflower?”

The danger of raising kids in this digital age is the lack of connection to which parents and kids can fall victim. But a similar disconnect had happened to my daughter and me without any digital intervention, and I had not recognized it.