Customized Tote Bags for Merchants

Customized Tote Bags for Merchants

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Your Brand + Humor = Your Success!

Customers won't give much thought to a typical merchant bag with just a logo on it. If it's a paper bag, it will most likely be tossed out and never thought of again.

However, a sturdy bag that can be reused, with your logo and business on one side and our beautiful, clever artwork on the other, will give your customers a chuckle and become a favorite bag that they will keep around and enjoy using. It will make a lasting impression, remind your customers of your business every time that it is used, and truly make your business stand out.

Our natural cotton canvas totes are the perfect way to advertise your business continuously and repeatedly. With a 10 oz canvas fabric thickness, your customers will use these sturdy totes for years to come.

They can be ordered in batches of 200 and come with either a fashionable cotton canvas handle or a unique rope handle in black or white.

Sizes (height x width):

  • Mini (16x20 cm., 6x8 in.)
  • Small (24x28 cm, 9.5x11 in.)
  • Medium (33x37 cm., 13x15 in.)
  • Large (43x53 cm., 17x21 in.)