Funny Parent Gifts - Because you haven't been in a situation this desperate for humor since your awkward teens.


The parenting journey is a jumble of moments filled with pure joy, absolute disaster, years flying by while the minutes drag on and on, acts of heroism tempered by episodes of embarrassment and humility, mistakes, brilliance, unwavering confidence choked by mouthfuls of humble pie, and above all, love.

At Funny Parent Gifts we understand the importance of laughing at ourselves, cracking up with our children, and taking in every single precious moment.  We are a company based in Austin, Texas, a magical place where you can take your kids dancing to live music whenever the mood strikes, and insist that they can’t have their pecan pie until they learn how to two-step properly.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our products and that they give you ideas on how to enjoy time with all of your babies, including the ones with stinky feet and sticky hands, muddy paws, hooves, feathers, fur, or talons.


Funny Gifts for Pets