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Funny Parent Gifts

Getting gifts for mom and dad for special occasions comes with great responsibilities attached to it. You want to find just the right, special something that will make them happy, but you need gift ideas. You'd like to find unique gifts they wouldn't buy for themselves, but that they would appreciate and use. They just hadn't realized yet that they needed and wanted it. To find the best gifts for mom and dad, you need to think about what makes them special as a parent. Whether you’re shopping for the best gifts for new parents or seasoned parents, Funny Parent Gifts has quality gifts for parents that they will be sure to love and appreciate.

It shouldn't be that hard, right? But it is. 
Take heart. This year is going to be different. You’ll no longer be climbing desperation hill looking for just the right thing to buy. Your friends and your siblings will be in awe of your amazing parent-present-shopping skills.

Let the parents in your life know that it's not just them but also you who cares and values the power of the smile. With our wide range of funny gifts for parents, surprise them with something nice and let the smiles widen on their adorable faces. Our funny gifts will not only bring a smirk but will intensify that “I-know-what-you-mean parent-to-parent” bond. Whether you’re brainstorming gift ideas for new parents or are searching for funny baby shower gifts, we’re bound to have the perfect gift that lets your loved one know just how much they mean to you. After all, no gift is more special than a gift from the heart that also brings a chuckle.

Don't Grow Up!  It's a Trap!

Forget dancing like nobody's watching.

Dance like a toddler.  They don't even care if there's music.

Enjoy the Parenting Journey

The best way to survive and thrive during the parenting journey is with humor! Gifts for holidays, baby showers, birthdays, Mother's Day, or Father's Day. Look no further!

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4 Funny Gifts Daughters Can Give to Their Dads

4 Funny Gifts Daughters Can Give to Their Dads

Let’s face it, your dad is hard to buy presents for. Fortunately, he has a unique sense of humor that you were lucky enough to inherit. At Funny Parent Gifts, you will find the perfect gift that will make both of you laugh while strengthening your bond.

To help guide you in your search, check out these four suggestions:

Graphic T-Shirts

If your dad is the type of guy who likes to display his quirky sense of humor with a ridiculously hilarious shirt, then a super soft, constantly laundered (because it will become his favorite) graphic tee will be the perfect gift for him. Find something that highlights your dad's funny side while letting the world know that he’s the Best Dad and has only gotten cooler with age.

Personalized Items

The thought of getting your dad a personalized item might make you think you’re getting too sentimental, but personalized items can be funny as well. Does your father always tell the same “dad joke?”  Does he have a one-liner inside joke that only his friends and family get? It’s time to put that on a flask, leatherette wine tote, wine glass, or beer mugs with a matching growler. Let him know that you’re listening, and you appreciate his off-beat sense of humor.

Dad Stress Relief

If you really want to let your dad know that you understand how stressful it has been raising you, get him a Drama Queen Daughter Dammit Doll. And if you want to poke a little fun at the other family members while giving your dad an extra chuckle, get the whole Dammit Doll family.

Useful Items with a Twist

Get for your dad something useful that will remind him of you every time he uses it, such as a personalized barbeque apron with matching cooler that dubs as a seat for his fishing trips. Or a handy “Best Dad” tote bag. For something that can be used daily, how about some Lucky Bastard lip balm? Because let’s be honest. With a daughter like you, he really is one lucky bastard.

If you are looking for the perfect, most unique and funny Father’s Day gift for your dad for Father’s Day, make sure that you check out Funny Parent Gifts today!

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4 Heartwarming Mother's Day Gifts

4 Heartwarming Mother's Day Gifts

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Mother's Day is all about showering Mom with love and gratitude. It's the one day of the year where we indulge her and let her focus on her needs for a change. In that spirit, you want to get her something special that holds some real meaning. Here are some gifts for Mom that you can get her for Mother's Day that will make a lasting impact.

Personalize It!

Honestly, anything personalized has the potential to hold its meaning longer than most gifts. When you personalize something, such as an elegant wine glass, every time Mom sees it, she will think of you and how much she means to you and you mean to her. If she loves her wine, then a personalized wine glass is a useful, functional gift with the added benefit of having sentimental value. Think of it as making her drunk on love! Whatever you choose to write on it, the sentiment on the item is permanent, so make that message sincere.

Let Her Rest

If there’s anything that mothers need, it’s some decent rest. Let her take a break from family business, work, chores, and other everyday tasks and annoyances and slip on some fun sleep products, like a fashionable sleep mask or some gorgeous earplugs. She can even relax on a witty pillow to give her a chuckle when she wakes up. There isn’t a mother on the planet who wouldn’t love the opportunity to catch up on sleep. She will thank you for the opportunity to do so!

Get Her a Dammit Doll

We should all have the opportunity to take out our frustrations on inanimate objects. That's why someone somewhere invented Dammit Dolls. Handmade and extremely punchable, you can get a Dammit Doll in the shape of a whole bunch of things including a Drama Queen Daughter and a Tool Kool for Skool son. Get her one of these, and maybe she'll pick on the doll instead of you.

Upgrade Her Kitchen

Whether or not your mother spends time laboring in the kitchen, she deserves some cute gifts to make it more stylish and fun. Aprons and tea towels with fun graphic designs, colorful text, and soft fabric are products that any mother would love to display. Also consider mugs and glasses.

Remember, when it comes to thoughtful and fun Mother's Day ideas, it's not the expense that matters (thank goodness), it really is the thought that counts. Shop online stores like Funny Parent Gifts to find thoughtful presents without the hefty price tag.

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4 Fun Facts about Mother’s Day

4 Fun Facts about Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t just another “Hallmark holiday.” It is a day to show your appreciation for the woman who gave you life and supports you through the good times and the bad. This holiday is about so much more than flowers and candy. Here are four fun facts about Mother’s Day that you can share with your loved ones this May. 

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Celebrating Christmas the Funny Way

Celebrating Christmas the Funny Way

Christmas is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents for the kids! Whether you’re an Ebenezer Scrooge in need of some holiday cheer or a modern-day Buddy the Elf (we won’t judge you for eating spaghetti and syrup this holiday season), there’s nothing quite like the feeling of giving. Now, you might be thinking, giving yourself a tropical vacation, new LED TV, or time to hibernate this winter sounds simply heavenly. A well rested, happy parents is the best gift of all, amiright? Absolutely! As long as you indulge the little ones as well, and throw in some giggles for good measure.
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