4 Heartwarming and Witty Mother's Day Gift Ideas

4 Heartwarming and Witty Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Mother's Day is all about showering Mom with love and gratitude. It's a day where the focus is on her as we indulge her and let her focus on her needs for a change. In that spirit, you want to get her something that is not only special that holds some real meaning, but also gives her a chuckle. Here are some gifts for Mom that you can get her for Mother's Day that will make a lasting impact and make her smile.

Personalize It!

Honestly, anything personalized has the potential to hold its meaning longer than most gifts. When you personalize something, such as an elegant wine glass, every time Mom sees it, she will think of you and how much she means to you and you mean to her. If she loves her wine, then a personalized wine glass is a useful, functional gift with the added benefit of having sentimental value. Bonus points if you personalize it with a witty saying that reminds her that her child inherited her wit and charm. Think of it as making her drunk on love! Whatever you choose to have etched on it, make that message sincere.

Let Her Rest

If there’s anything that mothers need, it’s some decent rest. Let her take a break from family business, work, chores, and other everyday tasks and annoyances and slip on some fun sleep products, like a fashionable sleep mask or some gorgeous earplugs. She can even relax on a witty pillow to give her a smile when she wakes up. There isn’t a mother on the planet who wouldn’t love the opportunity to catch up on sleep. She will thank you for the opportunity to do so!

Get Her a Dammit Doll

We should all have the opportunity to take out our frustrations on inanimate objects. That's why someone somewhere invented Dammit Dolls. Handmade and extremely punchable, you can get a Dammit Doll resembling a whole bunch of family members including a Drama Queen Daughter and a Too Kool for Skool Son. Get her a couple of these, and maybe she'll pick on the dolls instead of you.

Upgrade Her Kitchen

Whether or not your mother spends time laboring in the kitchen, she deserves some cute gifts to make it more stylish and fun. Aprons and dish towels with funny graphic designs, colorful text, and soft fabric are products that any mother would love to display. Or perhaps a mug that will remind her every morning that she's a trophy mom and a Mother of Dragons would be more her style.

Remember, when it comes to thoughtful and fun Mother's Day ideas, it's not the expense that matters (thank goodness), it really is the thought that counts. Shop Funny Parent Gifts to find thoughtful presents without the hefty price tag.

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