Humorous Christmas Gift Ideas for Stressed-out Parents

Humorous Christmas Gift Ideas for Stressed-out Parents

There are a whole host of crazy, heart-warming, stressful, and magical situations familiar to parents all across the world. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for stressed-out parents, you may be able to use some of these situations as a launching point. Find something to help them relax, brighten their day, give them a chuckle and some perspective, and make their Christmas less stressful and more special!

“Me Time”

This is the moment they’ve been waiting for all day, or maybe all week: The kids are finally sleeping peacefully in bed and all the chores are done. At least they’re good enough. Mom and Dad finally get that “me time” they’ve been craving, and then... nothing. Suddenly it occurs to them that they have no motivation to do anything but veg, stream some TV, or putter around the house aimlessly before getting an early bedtime. That’s all well and good, but they’d probably enjoy that time more if they could find a way to make it special and rejuvenating. That’s where you come in! Give them a kickstart to their Me Time with the following ideas.


Stressed out parents often like to kick back with a drink to unwind. Why not make this moment meaningful? At Funny Parent Gifts, you can find flask gift sets, wine glasses and decanters, beer mugs, and similar items that can be personalized with one of our suggested sayings or with a personal quote. They won’t just be receiving beer mugs or wine glasses from you as a Christmas present. They’ll be reminded of your heartfelt sentiments every time they pour themselves a glass of relaxation.


Parenting equals sleep deprivation. After dealing with all the issues of the day, parents are liable to be woken up at all hours by a crying baby or a child who just had a bad dream or is suddenly thirsty at 3 a.m. The adrenaline surge from waking up to find a person looming over you, even if it’s your child, can make you kiss your good night’s sleep goodbye.

Sleep isn’t the only time when parents can get interrupted. Really, any time a parent starts to get comfortable, their child’s inner sensor will go off and that child will need something asap. Help the sleep deprived parent in your life get his or her power naps in with a sleep mask directing their children to either “Go Ask Your Mom” go “Go Ask Your Dad,” depending upon which one is awake and functioning.

Stress Relief

Dammit Dolls are cheaper than therapy. We’ve got the Super Mom/Overbearing Boss, the Too Kool for Skool Son, the Drama Queen Daughter, and the Husband/President Trump/Boss/Dad Dammit Dolls. We even have Dammit Dog and Dammit Kitty-Cat! Help parents get their frustrations out and get back to their happy place with a Dammit Doll stocking-stuffer for Christmas.


There’s always that mom who manages to be dressed impeccably at every moment (see the Super Mom Dammit Doll referenced above). Most parents, however, are lucky if they leave the house with two matching socks and no spaghetti in their hair.

If you have a parent in your life whose main fashion decision is which t-shirt to wear on any given day, making sure that they are stocked up with appropriately parent-themed t-shirts to choose from is the perfect Christmas gift idea. For moms, we’ve got our Mother of Dragons, Super Mom’s Club/Monster Mom/Mama Bear, or Trophy Wife/Trophy Mom t-shirts. For dads, we’ve got our Best Dad/Because I’m the Coolest, I May Be Old But I Got To See All The Cool Bands, Baby Daddy with Sperm Whale, The Walking Dad, or The Man Behind the Bump t-shirts with either short or long sleeves.

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