5 Must-Haves for a New Father: Funny Gift Ideas for New Dads

5 Must-Haves for a New Father: Funny Gift Ideas for New Dads

Get the Baby Daddy in your family something to celebrate his new role! Caught in the whirlwind of being a new parent, today’s dads dive right in with the diaper changing, bottle washing, and baby rocking. Dads are wonderfully quirky, and their gifts should remind them of just how much their quirkiness is appreciated. Read on to learn about some funny gift ideas for the new dad in your life, that will be sure to give him some perspective while he cares for his newborn, along with a good chuckle.

 ‘Go Ask Your Mom’ Sleep Mask

A good night’s sleep is treasured amongst parents, and finding time to rest when your children’s needs are running the show feels like a pipe dream. What better way to let your hubby recharge then by giving him a ‘Go Ask Your Mom’ Sleep Mask! These handmade, silk sleep masks are entirely kid-interruption proof and ensure that Dad is able to get his power nap in so that he can gather his strength for his kid care-taking shift.

Personalized 20oz Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

We get it; some days, you feel ready for anything your child throws your way and other days, not so much. After a long day of comforting your crying baby and holding back tears of your own, you deserve to craft yourself a cocktail. This 20 oz cocktail shaker can feature up to 2 lines of text that you get to craft. Personalize your shaker to ensure that Dad gets a great cocktail with a side of laughter.

Best Dad, Because I’m Cool Pocket Short or Long-Sleeved T-Shirt, Coffee Mug, or Tote Bag

What’s the joy in being a new dad if you can’t let the whole world know? This pocket t-shirt is super soft and made with the utmost care. Let Dad flaunt his parental prowess to the neighbors and show them just how cool (or not) he really is. This t-shirt, mug, and tote bag are only available to the best of the best dads who are worthy of donning this regal title.

The Walking Dad Coffee Mug, T-Shirt, or Tote Bag

Coffee is a magic potion for parents who are in desperate need of rejuvenating their life forces. Dad will love sipping his morning joe from his ‘Walking Dad’ Coffee Mug. By the time Dad finishes his coffee, puts on his ‘Walking Dad’ t-shirt, and grabs his ‘Walking Dad’ tote bag full of play-date essentials, he’ll go from looking like Zombie Dad to Super Dad in no time.

Camouflage or Grill Master Barbecue Grilling Apron

Grilling is a dad thing and at Funny Parent Gifts, we’ve got Dad covered. These grilling aprons come with every tool your grill master will need to make the most of his backyard BBQ. They come with a matching grilling mitt, a retractable bottle opener with a bottle holder, as well as spacious pockets that are ideal for holding grill tools or other barbecuing necessities. You can also Personalize it for that personal touch. Get him a matching camo Sit ‘n Sip Cooler Seat/Stool to keep his beer cold, give him a seat to kick back, and make his grill-time complete.

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