Unique and Humorous Gifts Parents Would Love to Have

Unique and Humorous Gifts Parents Would Love to Have

Gift shopping can be quite tricky, especially when you’re buying for parents who already have everything they need. Asking what they would like for their birthday or anniversary, or for input on Mother’s Day ideas, totally destroys the element of surprise. Besides, if you do ask and get an answer, chances are that it won’t be that helpful. You’ll get something like, “Don’t bring gifts, just come home,” or “Call us more.”

But you’re not falling for any of that!

Here is a short guide to buying the perfect gift for your parents, whether Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is coming up, or a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, or you just want to be a good son, daughter, or spouse.

Practical Gift Items

Stay away from DIY crafty gifts, because they don’t have any more room for displaying things that they would feel too guilty throwing away. Besides, if it’s your mom you’re buying for, you’ll be the favorite child if you get her something both useful and flattering, like a cute Carmen Miranda Giraffe apron that shouts out what a kick-ass cook she is, or a Mother of Dragons tote bag letting the world know that she slays and letting her know that you realize that you and your siblings may not have been the easiest kids to raise. You can get the perfect gifts for mom and still stay within budget if you know where to look.

Gifts for Stress Relief

If you really want to thank your parents for all that they do for you, then get them something for relieving strain and stress. Living with you is anxiety-inducing, and so is living without you. They were there to raise and clean up after you and sometimes, if you need a helping hand, they still are. You owe them something to reward them for the stress of having you and your siblings in their lives. Personalized cocktail shakers and custom red or white wine glasses are lovely gift ideas, as are Mama Juice or Papa Juice flasks, "Go Ask Your Mom" and "Go Ask Your Dad" sleep masks, and frustration-relieving Drama Queen Daughter and Too Kool for Skool Son Dammit Dolls.

Indulge Your Parents

Grand and classy gifts never get old. Moms especially like to receive something that they can show off to their friends and relatives. Get her a fine decanter and personalized wine glasses. Indulge dad with a personalized beer mug set, or perhaps a gunmetal set with a growler and matching personalized beer steins. With these high-end gifts, they can enjoy their favorite beverages with the finest possible equipment, instead of drinking straight from the bottle, box, or can. What a thoughtful kid you are!

Gifts that Let You Connect with Them

Mobile phones and tablets might help you stay connected from afar, but your parents would actually prefer gifts that encourage you to visit them, even if you’re busy with your job and adulting. Make sure that they know that they’re welcome to visit you (on occasion and with advance notice). "Best Dad" or "Mother of Cats" travel tote bags, comfy Space Cabin pet carriers, and other mobile gifts help them pick up and head over to spend some quality time with you. Let them now that even though they may give you a hard time sometimes, you still want them around.

These are some Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift ideas to try if you’re feeling clueless. Find more at FunnyParentGifts.com to shop for unique parent gifts at excellent prices.

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