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Celebrating Christmas with Your Kids the Fun (and Funny) Way

Celebrating Christmas with Your Kids the Fun (and Funny) Way 0

Christmas is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents for the kids! Whether you’re an Ebenezer Scrooge in need of some holiday cheer or a modern-day Buddy the Elf (we won’t judge you for eating spaghetti and syrup this holiday season), there’s nothing quite like the feeling of giving a gift that is appreciated and adored. Now, you might be thinking, giving yourself a tropical vacation, new LED TV, or time to hibernate this winter sounds simply heavenly. A well rested, happy parents is the best gift of all, amiright? Absolutely! As long as you indulge the little ones as well, and throw in some giggles for good measure.

Buying a Christmas Gift for a New Mom or New Dad

Buying a Christmas Gift for a New Mom or New Dad 0

Why do Babies Get All the Gifts?

Sure, the new baby is all stocked up with everything that a newborn could possibly need, but what about Christmas presents for the new mom or dad? Diapers are always appreciated by parents, but they don’t really last and babies don’t treat them particularly well. The baby shower usually handles most of the baby’s major needs, like car seats and cribs. What about making sure that this Christmas, parents with babies, either on the way or newly arrived, feel the love as well?

Don’t Be That Person

When considering Christmas gift ideas, don’t be that person who only thinks about the baby’s needs. Or the friend who thinks that the loudest baby toys are the funniest baby toys. That death glare delivered by the new parent after they open your gift? That’s real. They’re not amused.

Make your gift to the new, happy parents stand out, be appreciated, and be remembered!

For Dog Lovers - My Dire Wolf

For Dog Lovers - My Dire Wolf 0

For my second birthday, my parents gave me a new dog, also around two years old. He was a stray who had jumped into the back of my dad’s pickup truck and had successfully remained hidden for the hour-long journey from town to the oil rig that my dad was roughnecking on at the time. He wasn’t discovered until my dad arrived at the rig and opened the tailgate of his truck to get his tools...

Horse Love - The Mack Attack and the Childhood Throwback

Horse Love - The Mack Attack and the Childhood Throwback 0

Cell phones did not exist when I was growing up, and video games were in their infancy. When I remind my kids of this, in a vain attempt to encourage them to disconnect from the digital world, I’m usually met with snarky comments such as, “How did you alert each other of approaching dinosaurs? With smoke signals?” Or, “Did you manage to score a cabin with a private patio for your voyage on the Mayflower?”

The danger of raising kids in this digital age is the lack of connection to which parents and kids can fall victim. But a similar disconnect had happened to my daughter and me without any digital intervention, and I had not recognized it.


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