Fun Grandparents - I Wish This Grandpa Would Adopt Me

Fun Grandparents - I Wish This Grandpa Would Adopt Me

Better yet, I want to BE this grandpa.

I dare you to watch this video and not, at the very least, crack a huge grin.

"Pieing" was first seen in film in the 1909 Essanay Studios silent Film, Mr. Flip, starring Ben Turpin.  In the story, Turpin has a pie pushed into his face for taking liberties (1909 style) with a woman.  After that, pieing became comedy gold.  There's something about this full minute of pieing that gives me a full on belly laugh.



Our hilarious Pie to the Face game will make you and your child howl with laughter.  But be forewarned:  I tried it and learned, a little too late, that mascara and whipped cream make a nightmarish combination.  You want to give your child happy memories.  Not scary memories of the time that the Pie to the Face game turned your mom into The Joker.

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