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Breaking the Ice – Wheelchair Style

Breaking the Ice – Wheelchair Style 0

During my starving college years in Boulder, Colorado, I had a job as a live-in caregiver for Margo, a woman with advanced MS. We were quite the team. I had destroyed my knee in a bad skiing accident, so I sported a full-length leg cast and crutches. Margo got around by using a wheelchair. Why she hired me is beyond my comprehension but somehow, we figured out how to get her around in her wheelchair and maneuver her in and out of my small, manual transmission car, crutches, cast, wheelchair, and all. Five knee surgeries and two years later, the cast finally came off but it hardly mattered. She and I had our cast/crutches/wheelchair mobility routines down.

Bloggers and Authors Interview

Bloggers and Authors Interview 0

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Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed and Other Forms of Loving Torture

Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed and Other Forms of Loving Torture 0

Mothers of little ones will undoubtedly find themselves “surprised,” at least once, by the gift of breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. For some of us, this act of love can test even the most cast-iron stomach. Without an adult supervising the breakfast preparations, the single mom, who has been quarantined to her bedroom, must pretend to be sleeping and refrain from dialing 9-1-1 when she smells smoke or hears a loud crash. She is supposed to be resting, after all, in preparation for her holiday pampering.

For Dog Lovers - My Dire Wolf

For Dog Lovers - My Dire Wolf 0

For my second birthday, my parents gave me a new dog, also around two years old. He was a stray who had jumped into the back of my dad’s pickup truck and had successfully remained hidden for the hour-long journey from town to the oil rig that my dad was roughnecking on at the time. He wasn’t discovered until my dad arrived at the rig and opened the tailgate of his truck to get his tools...

Horse Love - The Mack Attack and the Childhood Throwback

Horse Love - The Mack Attack and the Childhood Throwback 0

Cell phones did not exist when I was growing up, and video games were in their infancy. When I remind my kids of this, in a vain attempt to encourage them to disconnect from the digital world, I’m usually met with snarky comments such as, “How did you alert each other of approaching dinosaurs? With smoke signals?” Or, “Did you manage to score a cabin with a private patio for your voyage on the Mayflower?”

The danger of raising kids in this digital age is the lack of connection to which parents and kids can fall victim. But a similar disconnect had happened to my daughter and me without any digital intervention, and I had not recognized it.

For Cat Lovers - How to Avoid Unnecessary Cat Trauma

For Cat Lovers - How to Avoid Unnecessary Cat Trauma 0

You need this cat carrier so that you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your cat and avoid tragedies like this.