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Gifts For Dad

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The Perfect Gift for Dad

Getting gifts for dad is a brainy task, especially if they already have everything they need. Not only that, but the price of their toys grows exponentially in proportion to their age.

Fortunately, they remain big kids at heart, with a kick-ass and wonderfully twisted sense of humor. Dad is your kids’ first rough-house buddy and at Funny Parent Gifts, we know how to celebrate Dad’s quirky, fun side.

How about letting him know who the best dad in the world is with a Best Dad pocket t-shirt as a Father’s Day gifts? We offer both short and long sleeved. If he would rather not wear this proud title, you can remind him of his Best Dad status every morning with our Best Dad Mug in either an 11 oz or 15 oz size.

For new dads, who are not yet Best Dads but surely will be soon, let the world know who the man behind the bump is with a Baby Daddy pocket short-sleeved t-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt. The smiling sperm whale on the back knows whose boys can swim and is darn proud. We offer our Baby Daddy Sperm Whale on either an 11 oz or 15 oz coffee mug as well.

For those dads who want a safe way to vent their frustrations, we offer a whole host of Dammit Dolls, one for every family member. There’s Drama Queen Daughter, Too Kool for Skool Son, Super-Mom, as well as our Dammit Dog and Kitty-Cat Dammit Dolls. Perfectly sized to fit a manly grip.

If your dad is a grill king, we offer a BBQ Grilling Apron Set in either Camouflage or Grill-Master Blue. Personalization is included for that extra touch. Our Camouflage Sit ‘n Sit Cooler Seat can be personalized as well and matches the Camouflage BBQ apron perfectly.

Or maybe he enjoys having his buddies over for the game. We have personalized beer pitchers and either gunmetal or glass wine and beer growlers with matching glass or gunmetal mugs.

To match Mom’s Pink Mama Juice Flask Set, we have Dad’s Matte Black Papa Juice Flask and Shot Glass Gift Box Set, for those date nights when Mom and Dad need to let loose. Both flask sets can be personalized.

For those dads who have been around the block, we have short and long-sleeved pocket shirts with, “Son, I may be old, but I got to see all the coolest bands” on the back and our super cool Funny Parent Gifts emu on the pocket in front. This also comes in either an 11 oz or 15 oz mug.

Whichever gift you decide to go with, if it’s from Funny Parent Gifts, it’s going to be a hit and Dad will love it. With our huge range of quirky gifts for men, you will feel proud of yourself for getting him something unique that he doesn’t already have.

Whether the event is Father’s Day, Christmas, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, his birthday, or a barbecue by the family master chef, the dad in your life is awesome. Reward him for his hard work and dedication with one of our humorous dad gifts that will delight and surprise him.

And if you can’t decide? It we offer gift cards as well!


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